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A Black Science Fantasy Series




Book One,  High Guide of the Order of the Golden Lights & Lead Council of the Cloud City of Megha ,Ariel Jones, has the weight of humanity on her shoulders. Human reproduction rates are almost nonexistent in this post-climate change, post-scarcity society. The Order is helping families on Grand Island birth in the Old Ways as passed down from the First Mothers, and have the best outcomes. The city of Megha is using technology, and machines and their babies are suffering from Dream Amnesia, an enervated, failure to thrive state. The Capital employs a bold, and unethical plan to reverse Dream Insomnia.  The Order must discover the plan and change its outcome. But what Ariel Jones finds will change humanity and her own personal journey forever.
Ariel Jones is the unexpected poster child for a new model of healthcare that will shake the medical community to its very foundation. If she can just hold on to her sanity.

Completion date: December 2023
Ariel Jones &
The Electric Blue Fire
Book two, Resuscitation,  Ariel Jones trains at the University of Megha.  She hurls her alternative-life for the second oldest profession in the world, Nursing. Ariel must lose the distaste for tech and embrace a dual model for practice for acceptance in the gritty world of nursing.
Basil, a member of the nexus, helps Ariel develop an idea for a nurse-wellness center. Ariel graduates and becomes a surgical ICU nurse during Trauma season, as the era of Obama begins. Ariel never sees the benefits. She makes a medication error, that reveals more unethical behavior by the MSC, and saves her dream.
Completion date: December 2024
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