Ariel Jones & the Age of Compliance

In a span of one Spring, Ariel Jones, the survivor of the environmental disaster known as Rainbow Canal discovers two things, that living with The Doctor was worse than a Superfund clean-up, and that health care is unequivocally dead.


In this bohemian tale of an urban antihero, Ariel must rectify the disparities of being a biracial, bisexual, single mother, with her belief in health care as a human right. Ariel is sass and smarts and is determined to slay disrespect and tone policing wherever they rear their heads.  


Her mettle is tested as she moves her unconventional family to the ecovillage, Arcturus, looking for a more holistic life. The Community seems like a waste of time until Ariel “breaks through” at the Pond and finds her spiritual nexus. Ariel meets Cicely, the touchpoint member, who introduces Ariel to the five other members. They show Ariel a new world.


Her new circle helps her discover the art of a holistic lifestyle in the Age of Compliance and the New World Order. They nurture her soul, her daughter Kalika Rose, and a belief that wellness is much more than the absence of sickness. Her passion for wellness and healing develops along the way and guides her to become something she never dreamed of, a Registered Nurse who works with the Medical Security Council.


Ariel Jones is the unexpected poster child for a new model of healthcare that will shake the medical community to its very foundation. If she can just hold on to her sanity.


Completion date: December 2020

Ariel Jones &
The Electric Blue Fire


Book two, Resuscitation, spans from Labor Day 2005 to Election Day 2008. Ariel Jones moves to Chicago, IL. She hurls her alternative-mom life for the second oldest profession in the world, Nursing. Ariel must lose the ecovillage-attitude for acceptance in the gritty world of nursing.
Constance, a second member of the nexus, helps Ariel develop an idea for a nurse-wellness center. Ariel graduates and becomes a surgical ICU nurse during Trauma season, as the era of Obama begins. Ariel never sees the benefits. She makes a medication error, quits her job, and saves her dream.
Completion date: December 2021


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