My mom swears she saw a purple aura around me when I was a baby. But then again, the Woodstock festival was 7 months before my birth.

Indigo Child

I learned to play Suzuki violin  at age 5. This was back in the '70's when all kids were encouraged to be artists.​​

Suzuki Kid

I did voiceover commercials for a department store called AM & A's when I was 13. I was overbubbly but it was fun.

Talkative Teen

I grew up 20 miles from the toxic waste dump known as Love Canal. It was the first US environmental disaster.  This disaster started the Superfund to give the Environmental Protection Agency the funds to clean up environmental disasters. President Trump has cut funding to this program. My protag played right over the dumping grounds. I also minored in Conservation resource Study at Cal.

Environmentally Irked

I have been practicing astrology for 25 years, I am a Pisces with an Aquarius rising and a Leo moon. So basically, I'm all over the place.  You can get a free astrological chart if you know the time you were born.

Western Astrologer

I grew up an only child with a single mom. I had three imaginary friends and I started writing stories about them when I was 7. 

Only Child

AKA Hippie kid. I grew up in a vegetarian household. If you know about GORP, kitchen sink cookies, fresh juice and sesame sticks you feel me.

Granola Kid

I have been baking cakes since high school. My essential book is still Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible. Her buttercream is to die for, try it. 

Cake Baker

I worked at Lawrence Berkeley Labs​​  for Eddy Rubin, a surfer/scientist in a Molecular Cell Biology lab at Cal. . I twirled DNA onto glass rods and ran them through an electromagnetic field.

DNA Twirler

I gave birth to my first and only child at home. I don't believe the hospital is always safe for healthy American women to give birth, as we are led to believe. I've supported over 50 home births as a doula. Try a midwife.

Home Birther
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