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Sondae Stevens is a registered nurse and assistant professor who has dedicated her career to improving birth outcomes for mothers and babies. Her expertise in evidence-based obstetric nursing led to the publication of her first book, which has become a valuable resource for students and practitioners alike. Her latest endeavor, a Black Science Fantasy duology takes place in a future society where technology and nature coexist to restore human fertility rates. Through this cautionary tale, questions are explored about the human birth experience and what it means to be human.

Her passion for science and storytelling makes her a unique voice in the nursing and writing communities, and her latest book is sure to captivate readers with its thought-provoking exploration of the future of the mother-baby connection, as she continues to make an impact in the lives of mothers and babies through time and space.

                               BIRTH RITES: A Science Fantasy Duology

The world had changed. What once was a natural and unpredictable
process, was now a sterile, controlled experience. The pain and danger
of childbirth were a thing of the past, replaced by the sleek and sterile
walls of the modern birthing suite.
But for the young triad, something was missing. Something they
longed for and could only find in the last remaining place
where natural birth still occurred. They set out on a journey
into the unknown, to find the truth about the fate of human birth.                  
They were led by their strange and fantastical cat, Bast, and a
mysterious group of people who claimed to hold the secrets of the
future of humanity. Little did they know, that their quest for a natural
birth would lead them to uncover a dark truth, a truth that would shake
the foundations of their world and threaten the very existence of the
human race. And so, their journey began a journey that would test their
strength, their love, and their will to survive. A journey to save not just
their own future, but the future of humanity itself.


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