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Stars, Stones & Sacraments

Book One of  The Borderlands 

Ariel Jones started working the night shift at Megha hospital after a suspension from the Midwifery Council in The Wards. She discovers there are more than premie babies growing in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the capital city of Grand Island.


Her passion to return to Council Lead points her toward a dark secret being held by the Medical Security Council. 


After a long night, Ariel meets The Doctor who rips open the veil between the 4th and 5th dimensions and helps her navigate a series of magical tunnels that lead to The Nexion.


She uncovers a secret that makes her question her childhood, her parents, and her service to humanity.


This story is her series and herstory.



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Hi, I'm Sondae.

I am a Nurse with a whole lot to say about healthcare.


  I am writing a magical and soulful tale of a feisty outsider who uses her birthpowers to wage a healthcare revolution.

Meet Ariel Jones.


Ariel has no idea of her fate until she meets her The Nexion, a prophesied group of Lightworkers that awaken Ariel Jones to her life's purpose.

Follow the journey of my debut, Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel. 

See for yourself how Ariel Jones became the voice of change against the Medical Security Council and brought back the Prime Arts, or the Art of Birthing.


My WIP is a series, with a stand-alone Book One. 


I am also a Nursing Professor, Roller Skater, and my own most challenging Work-In-Progress.

I invite you to share your stories. Whether you are reader, writer, or fellow sentient being, please find and share ideas here inside the Members Pages.

I love to meet and support creative minds like yours. I am passionate to help you design and support a lifestyle that allows you a life outside of the mundane world. Together we can create a space where heart, mind, and spirit are not just cultivated, but crafted.

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