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About Me

I'm  a queer Utopian fiction author, nursing professor, nurse, midwife, and astrologer.

A vibrant, blue, sacred Bufo alvarius toad with large, dark eyes sits on a floating lily pad in a mystical, illuminated pond surrounded by glowing flowers and luminescent plants. The scene is bathed in a magical blue light with shimmering orbs descending from above, creating an enchanting, otherworldly atmosphere, utopian fiction., Bufo

I Write Stories

I am a queer,

utopian fiction author/

black sci-fi author

nursing professor,



named Son_dae. 

You can roll that all into one and just say Sunday, Sondae Stevens.

I write at the intersection of the mystical and the molecular, Indigenous birth wisdom and futuristic science. Google calls it utopian fiction.


My stories draw from the rich reservoir of Indigenous wisdom and Sci-Fi science. My mother read me The Hobbit when I was four in the '70s, and I have always portrayed myself as the humble protag in stories. I


It took me until my 50s to develop the idea.


Slow motion is better than no motion. 


My stories come from my dynamic life spanning my student days at Lawrence Berkeley Labs. Words like synchrotron, cyclotron, and Nobel prize winner were commonplace.


I drew a lot from my work as an ICU nurse in the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, where the line between human and transhuman was real.

But the most source material is from my work as a birthworker and homebirth midwife assistant in the sacred spaces of childbirth.

It is the easiest way to touch the divine, but Chile, it ain't easy.


As a nursing professor, I teach obstetric nursing students to remember that this is just another day at work for us, but this may be the best day a birthing parent has ever known. It will always be the day they touched the divine.


After publishing my textbooks, I had to start writing about the magic of birth. Birth connects the spiritual and human worlds through birthing parents and those who love them. And there is nothing more human than that.

Sondae Stevens utopian fiction author
BIPOC people being called to their utopian fiction destiny in a black girl books

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