What's A Creative Lifestyle?

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Do you know a person with a passion for original thought and expression?

Is this you? Do you want it to be you?

If you are fueled on creative energy than you need tools to steward that energy and make it sustainable.

Mundane tasks like eating well, exercising, and socializing with friends are essential to a creative lifestyle so you can to project your creativity into the world. So many creatives do not put the foundation-work into their schedules to ensure they are producing energy that is high quality and built for endurance. They burn out and under-produce.

I am a writer and I am known for bad writerly habits. I have poor posture, I type curled up in armchairs, and I shove food in my mouth when I haven't planned a meal. I've learned to create and love healthy habits that work for me and might work for you. The cool thing is you may have some tips to teach the forum as well.

Whether you are a writer, nurse, or just someone who wants to increase their wellness check out the Team Wellness forum in the Member's Pages You will have to go to the Member's Pages, become a member if you haven't with the password son_dae_writes Then click Team Wellness and create a log in with your own password and a profile so we can see who you are.

Once you do this you have joined Team Wellness. Post a weekly goal and we begin our journey. You will get accountability and free resources from me personally to meet a weekly goal that you set.

Once you are a member of Team Wellness...shout outs to Magretmary and Diane for getting a profile up...you can see the recipes I have posted for these ladies as both of these Team members are cleaning up their diets.

How can you increase your wellness and glow up? Check out the forum.

I can't promise it will be easy but it won't be boring!

Team Wellness