Raising Health

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Berry Smoothie Bowl

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If Raising Health was as simple as a smoothie bowl, we would all be the Masters of Health. If wearing Athleisure wear and a baseball cap made you fit, we wouldn't have an estimated 160 million (2/3 of the population) overweight people in the US.

Raising Health is a way to think about wellness as a process, instead of end goals you wish to meet.

Raising Health is about keeping yourself out of the doctor's office and into a place where you are empowered to take control of your life.

There are three areas of life that need balance in our lives. The physical, spiritual emotional. So many people are feeling overwhelmed about the direction of the world today. The environment is toxic, social issues are being unchecked and 20% of American have diagnosed mental illness. These circumstances provide the perfect opportunity to form a community to help identify and implement balance.

Raising Health is not about living out your goals perfectly. It is about living. It is feeling good about making small steps. It is celebrating your intention for yourself, your family or your patients.

Come join the forum, add a profile and a photo. Then pick a goal. I left you a few recipes you might find helpful.

I hope to see you there!